10 year anniversary snowlebration!

When James Spann was forecasting snow for yesterday, I didn’t think much of it. It happens, the snow forecasts. And they usually don’t lead to much of anything. After all, we are only 4-5 hours from the beach. Usually we get a slight dusting, not enough to even play in. We’re lucky if it’s more than a mud/slush mix here in Birmingham. But this time was different. I woke up about three am (I must’ve been lonely…ahhh…Matchbox Twenty, anyone? I was definitely not lonely, as our two year old was bed crashing with us that night)…and it was snowing hard. There was already a light dusting over our cars and the grass, and it wasn’t slowing down. After a trip to the bathroom, I crawled back in bed, gently shoved Dixon out of my spot on onto Josh’s side of the bed (it’s a king size, and sometimes there’s still not enough room), and went back to sleep, still thinking when I woke up in two and a half hours it would be a normal Friday. But it wasn’t! We got up, and it was still snowing! HARD! The inches were piling up outside and we ended up with a snow day!!

After some breakfast, snow cream, and bundling up, we headed outside as a family for some snow fun! It didn’t last long, as we just don’t have proper snow attire, and Dixon was so cold. He thoroughly enjoyed laundry basket sledding for a good five minutes before he was done. I got a couple camera pictures, played with my guys, and we headed inside. I knew I just HAD TO get some really good, romantic snow portraits in. So I did what any good photographer would do, and went online searching for someone on a local What’s Happening group on Facebook. Amanda Hinton took the bait, and after discovering she was a fellow wedding industry friend I hadn’t met yet, and permission to shoot at a local wedding venue, the magic was just getting started.

I met the owner of A. Joy Cakes & Co. and her husband Aaron at Rosewood, where me and my husband tied the knot almost five years ago. They were such good sports modeling for me in the snow and the bitter cold. Come to find out, they had just celebrated their then year anniversary, and this was their first snow together! Ironically enough, it was snowing back in their Texas hometown as well. It couldn’t have worked out any better for three wedding industry ladies to collaborate on a stunning snow portrait session, and I’m thankful to have made a new friend in the process! If this doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will! Here are a few of my favorites:

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