Dear Josh, HAPPY 32!

Dear Josh,

Today you turn 32!! We will celebrate the same way we always do, with our favorite local Mexican dinner and a margarita or two and probably no planned present, because receiving gifts isn’t your love language. But we will find you a perfect gift soon. I won’t bake you a cake, because I don’t bake, and if I tried to, it may be edible, but definitely not pretty, so you’ll settle for the free Gigi’s birthday cupcake instead…But you love me just the same, and we celebrate my birthdays the same way, minus the Munoz.

These are the things we’ve always done to celebrate January 5th. Some things never change. But this year is different. This year you’ve changed. And while sometimes it may not seem like it, this year I fell more in love with you than before. It was nothing you did, per say. It was actually how you did it. This year you’ve been changed. This year you chose to put someone above yourself, and someone above me and our son. This year you put God first. And you allowed Him to move in you. This year, God has filled you with His fruit. You’ve always loved God, you’ve always believed in Him, but this year, you chose to really seek him with a faith that transcends all understanding. You found your place to serve and bless others, but really have been the one to be blessed. You’ve connected with community, and you’ve grown and healed from things we’ve been through together. And so have I. God has given us a sneak peak into our future, and I can’t wait to share it with you. I can’t wait to see what is holds! While we are far from perfect, we are choosing love and joy together, and that’s an adventure!

But tonight, on your birthday, I will enjoy your company more at dinner tonight than I have in some years past. Tonight I will laugh at your corny jokes while we eat tortilla chips and dip until we explode. I will remember that love is a choice I make every day, and not a feeling. And I will keep seeking God before you and with you so that we can enjoy every birthday as much as this one.

I love you. And I’m so proud of you. Keep shining your light and growing your beard 🙂

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