Margaret’s 1st Birthday Smash Cake Session

Dad of the year. Bennett totally won that award the day of this session. Or at least he did as far as his wife Erin is concerned. Erin had scheduled Margaret’s smash cake session with me before she got put on call that day. She’d ordered the cake, the most perfect outfit, and had her balloons picked out and ready to go. The gold and pink was styled to perfection for her little girl’s session. But work had other plans. So it was up to Bennett to gather up all the goodies, baby Margaret, and their two older kids and meet me at the park! Knowing there would be other kids present who may need entertaining, I picked a spot with a playground and a splash pad and it worked out great! The big kids were entertained, and Margaret finally warmed up to me once Erin was able to get off work and meet us there. The kids stayed entertained until they knew leftover cake was up for grabs, and Margaret’s blue eyes showed out for all her pictures! She even tried to share with me a few times. Here are a few of my favorites.

 Sometimes you have to throw in a cute outtake 🙂


Love +  Blessings,


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