Crissy + Jeremy’s Intimate Birmingham, AL Wedding

“Place God above everything else.” I read these words across Facebook late last Wednesday night. It was three days prior to the day Crissy and Jeremy would become husband and wife. They had been to their premarital counseling, and my heart leapt with joy to see that tidbit listed amongst important advice from their minister. Better advice couldn’t be given to any bride and groom.

Crissy and Jeremy’s intimate Birmingham, AL wedding was spectacular. Chandeliers and a single strand of pink flowers hung from the wooden pergola at the point of a private lake where her father had loved to fish, tucked away in the woods of Chelsea. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Crissy and Jeremy vowed to put God first and each other second and they said I do. Jeremy’s son Brady served as his best man and Crissy’s grandfather “Diddy” walked her down the aisle. Her bridal details included her dad’s army patch pinned under her dress and lots of bling! Jeremy’s custom wedding band was embossed with their wedding date on the inside, and an American flag on the front, to represent his time in the military. They enjoyed a buffet dinner featuring Crissy’s favorite signature dish, chicken and waffles with their guests before cutting their wedding cake and red velvet groom’s cake and laughing the night away with their special guests.

Crissy and Jeremy, may your lives may always be filled with as much joy and laughter as your wedding day! May you always know how blessed you are to be surrounded by a group of people who love you as deeply as the ones who celebrated with you on September 8th. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of capturing your joyful wedding day!

Love + Blessings,

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