A Birmingham, AL smash cake portrait session with Emma + Leigh Ann Goodin Photography

“Emma is a preemie, so she’s a little smaller than a typical one year old, but she’s super happy and easy to photograph.” Audrey, Emma’s mom, had messaged me prior to her smash cake portrait session. Preemies had been on my mind and my heart a lot lately. A friend from church had just survived her hardest season as a mom, having had twin preemies out of town from home. I’d spent some time recently praying for healing for these two, along with a lot of other people. God answered those prayers big time, and those sweet babies got to come home! It was such a sweet moment for me when Audrey pulled out a picture of her baby as a preemie for us to use during the session. It was a hopeful moment. A moment where I reflected on God’s promises for us and was thankful for how good He is.

Emma has come so far from a year ago! I know her whole family is so thankful to have been able to watch her grow over the last year. Audrey did an amazing job of planning and styling her session, from color coordinating her outfit and accessories, and keeping her cake simple. Although Emma wasn’t a big fan of her cake and getting messy in the icing (this happens, mommas, and it’s totally OK), we still got some great pictures of her to celebrate her big first birthday!

Sweet Emma, I can tell your momma and family love you so much! You keep on growing big and strong, pretty girl. I know your momma probably envisioned your portraits going a little differently than they did, but I know she’s so proud of how far you’ve come and she finds joy in her dreams for your future!  It’s OK if you’re not a big fan of cake : ) You keep doing you and finding out what you love and who you are as you grow. Thank you for letting me capture such an important milestone.

 Love + Blessings,


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