A Birmingham, AL Fresh 48 Hospital Newborn Lifestyle Portrait Session with the Cool Family + Leigh Ann Goodin Photography

The weeks continued to pass, and Dianna continued to grow and get stronger inside her momma’s tummy. This seems so normal, so routine. But for the Cool family, it was an answered prayer. It was an answer to many, many prayers. This normal was new to them, as Dianna’s big sister Brenlei was born by emergency C section three years earlier. She several weeks early. When I walked into Brookwood hospital to shoot this fresh 48 hospital newborn lifestyle portrait session with the Cool family, I had to hold back the tears. To see her mom Alana holding and nursing her sweet baby just 24 hours after she was born was a blessing and a miracle. I can’t imagine having your baby that you’ve loved inside you for so many months and not being able to hold her. To have to watch her struggle as she’s hooked up to machines and cords and wires and to sit by and feel helpless. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. The Cools are stronger for it. The appreciate their latest bundle of joy and the normalcy that is spending three days in the same hospital room as your baby even more than most people.

These days, big sister Brenlei is a typical three year old. She’s smart, and sweet, and beautiful, and loving playing with her real life baby doll. I had so much fun watching this beautiful miracle hold, snuggle, and love on her new baby sister. It was an honor to get to capture baby Dianna with her grandmothers, their namesake. And it was the sweetest thing to have the new family of four all piled up in the hospital bed and to capture these priceless memories.

Baby girl Dianna, you are so loved. You are so wanted. You are so prayed over. I will never forget the tears streaming down everyone’s face as we surrounded you and your momma and laid hands on you guys in prayer. It was an honor and a joy to spend time asking God to keep you growing safely and to keep preeclampsia away from your mom. I can’t wait to watch you grow into everything God has planned for you. Welcome to the world, sweet baby girl!

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