Three Tips for Making Wedding Day Portraits Work in the Rain

Is there rain in the forecast for your wedding day? Or is a rainy wedding day something from your worst nightmares? No worries! Here are three tips to ease your mind on how we make rainy day wedding portraits work!

1. Use Clear Umbrellas

I keep three clear umbrellas with me just in case! These umbrellas are barely noticeable in pictures, and give you a great excuse to snuggle up to your groom! If you like this look for your whole bridal party, you can even order more on Amazon for under $20 each! A good rule of thumb is one umbrella for every two people you need to cover. Stay away from the ones that are lined with black around the edges. Check out some of Skylar + Jacob’s snuggly umbrella portraits:

2. Shoot Under a Covered Spot

Let your photographer scope out the best spots to shoot that are covered but still let you achieve the look you’re going for. We used the porch for these sweet images:

3. Catch Breaks in the Rain

I work with my couples to design a custom wedding day timeline to make the most of our time together and capture all the images they deserve on their big day. That being said, don’t worry if we have to make some changes on the day of! We can almost always catch some breaks in the rain and sneak off for some portraits whenever mother nature allows. If that means adjusting the timeline, we will make it happen! Skylar and Jacob killed it in the few short minutes we had without need for the umbrellas or covered porch:

I hope you feel better about the possibility of rain on your wedding day after looking at these sweet rainy day wedding portraits!

Love + Blessings,


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