Baby James’ Fresh 48 + Bonus Images at home!

Even though I had a birth photographer scheduled, I really wanted to try to shoot my own Fresh 48 session. I love these hospital newborn lifestyle photos. There’s nothing quite like the time in the hospital after a new baby comes, and that sweet baby will never be that tiny again. I love documenting their tiny features and their sleepy dispositions. Since I had documentary style pictures of my family as a whole from right after James was born, I wasn’t worried about getting pictures of us all together. Plus I wasn’t feeling like trying to make Dixon cooperate for the camera 😉 Here are a few of my favorites! Be sure to make it all the way to the bottom for some bonus images from after we came home.

Here is a cell phone shot of me taking this picture:

Love + Blessings,


PS- Here are a couple bonus images from when James was on the bili light and from his first real bath.

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