A Hoover, AL Mini Session with the Jones Family and a personal story from me.

Mom Life

I awoke just before 4:45am to the sound of James calling “Dadadada.” He can’t say mamamama yet ; ) I went in and fed him and rocked him. Then I put him back in his crib just before he seemed to be ready to fall asleep and snuck out. I went back in my room and crawled back in bed and turned the monitor back on. I crawled under my blankets and snuggled into my pillows just like I like it. “Dadadada.” You get the idea. So I tried to ignore it and give him some time. Here I am an hour later, he’s restlessly asleep again (thanks time change). But my alarm will be up before I know it so it’s now or never for some quiet time and time to squeeze in some work.

James’ sweet nursery has become my favorite room in the house. It’s the most peaceful place. If I’m being honest I just decorated it and organized some of the mess in the last month. He had just transitioned from our room to his and family was coming over for Dixon’s fifth birthday party. Rocking that little baby while he makes the sweetest noises filling his belly brings me so much joy when I’m exhausted and up in the middle of the night again. He looks at me with eyes only for mama, frequently, and I melt. Dixon used to do the same thing, and now those looks are fewer and farther between. That corner is the best place for praying over my baby and for his big brother.

The Jones Family

If there’s any mom that knows how I feel it’s Amanda. She’s a work from home mom to two boys as well. She’s used to night time wake up calls from the crib in the other room. She’s also a friend who has spent a lot of time feeding and praying over her boys in the wee hours.

Amanda won a mini session from Facebook in fall of 2018, but due to sickness her family was unable to attend the session. It took us over six months, but we finally made it work and added her mini to the front of another family session! Like that session, so much life has happened for the Jones family since these pictures were taken. I received a Christmas card with some of these pictures, with I love! Both Hunter and Hudson are each a year older. They’ve both grown and changed more quickly than their mama would like. Vaughn and Amanda both continue to do great work at each of their jobs, traveling around the country learning, growing, and just generally being awesome.

This is another session I blogged the images for and never got around to writing and sharing, so here are some of my favorites! Enjoy.

Love + Blessings,


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