James’ First Swim with Dixon

Dixon has been in a pool since his very first summer. We’ve always lived in neighborhoods with pools, so it’s been a normal part of our lives to spend warm days at one. Last summer we lived at the pool! I was HUGE pregnant and had very little energy to help a very active four year old get his massive amounts of energy out.

This year we were going to use Dixon’s birthday money for season passes to Splash Adventure, but then Covid-19 happened. They were closed. Our pool was closed. And even though things are starting to open back up, how safe will those places be this year? So instead of turning our fire pit area into a fire pit and additional seating area, we turned it into the pool spot!

It took a few weeks, but the water finally warmed up enough for James to take his first swim! Josh and Dixon hopped on in and waited patiently to put James in his float while I grabbed my camera. At first, James did not love it! We figured out he didn’t like sitting down in the water (like the float is supposed to be used…don’t worry, we were within arms reach the whole time). After Josh propped him up, he was a happy camper! He loved watching his big brother swim, splash, and play! Here are a few of my favorite images from this sweet little quarantine memory:

In the evenings, the sun sets in front of our house, so if we’re lucky we get the prettiest light! I had to snap some of Dixon playing after their swim.

Love + Blessings,


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