A Birmingham, AL Family Portrait Session with the McCain Family

I can’t believe I’m finally sitting down to blog images that aren’t old or aren’t of my family! It’s been a long, weird spring. We’ve been quarantined due to Covid 19 and things are just settling into a new normal.

I was so excited to capture a perfect golden hour family session for the McCain family! Nora was born just prior to all the upheaval and her time in front of the camera was long overdue! Big sister Natalie was just the cutest, giving her baby sister precious kisses and playing with bubbles!

Matt, good luck with all those beautiful girls! You are one lucky husband and father. Anna, I adore seeing you as a mama to these precious gifts from God. I can’t wait to watch them grow and see what else is in store for you guys! Here are a few of my favorites:

Love + Blessings,


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