Sweet Baby James’ First Birthday Smash Cake Session

He woke up from his nap. Standing, holding the edge of his crib. Just smiling, probably pooping. Waiting patiently for someone to come get him. His parents and big brother had been chatting excitedly about it for days. It was time to go capture Sweet Baby James first birthday smash cake session!

But ominous rain clouds were forming. I packed up the car. Camera bag, cake, big brother, and of course the baby all in tow. We headed southeast, trying to get away from the dark sky, chasing the blue sky up ahead. We drove around, looking for the perfect light and the perfect spot to take Baby James first birthday smash cake photos. And there it was! On the side of a random road in Harpersville. I get out, finding the perfect spot on the ground. Josh changes the baby. And here comes the rain.

So we packed up. Then ordered some fast food through an app, ran through and grabbed it, and the rain was gone. We drove the other way down Highway 280, landing in Mount Laurel. The sun came out with the perfect light. And even though James wasn’t super into the cake, he didn’t cry! And he even smiled for me some!

Dear Sweet Baby James, I can’t believe we’ve had you in our arms for a full year! God knew exactly what he was doing when he made you to fit like a puzzle piece into our family. You are joyful, go with the flow, and sweet. You have the best smile, the most beautiful eyes, and amazing hair that’s starting to curl on the ends, just like I’ve been hoping for. You adore your brother and daddy. You don’t like it when they leave the room without you these days. You didn’t love your smash cake, but you didn’t hate it either! You looked cute as a button trying to figure it out! Here are some of my favorites:

Love + Blessings,


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We couldn’t have done it without you:

Photographer: Leigh Ann Goodin Photography

Cake: Lil Bit O’ Flour

Outfit: Custom made for big brother by Grammy, and passed down 🙂

Behind the scenes: Big brother Dixon

Baby wrangling: Daddy

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