Kelsie + Rob’s Mountainside Elopement

The drive toward Palisades Park was beautiful. You can’t help but stop in awe at the natural beauty all the way up over the mountain, down into a quaint town, and back up to the park. It was that special spot, where Kelsie + Rob’s mountainside elopement would take place. The views from the peak are rare. Like the kind of love where two become one. Rare. That cord of three strands kind of love. Rare. That redemption story. Rare. But on March 13th, Kelsie + Rob, surrounded by the covenant relationships in their life, vowed it to one another. That day, The Miltons began their marriage journey. That day, Johnny Forrest got a bonus mom, her heart and arms wide open. That day, the Jacks got another son. And it was the best day

I could list so many of the best parts of everything about this day, but we would be here forever. And let’s be real. Y’all are here to see the pretty pictures. Am I right? On the top of my list was having my husband Josh as my second shooter! Followed by the intimacy of the first looks and personal vows. The Miltons and the whole Jacks family have played bigger roles in my family’s life than they even know. For them to not only trust us, but to invite us in to share in this day was too special to find the right words. It makes my heart leap with joy.

Kelsie + Rob, we can’t thank you enough for trusting us to not only document the beginning of your journey as one, but also for welcoming us with open arms to celebrate with you! It brings my heart so much joy to share what I do with Josh, but it was extra special that he got to share it with me and two families he already loved too! I can’t believe we get to do this even bigger again at The Barn at Shady Lane in May! It’s going to be an amazing day! Here are some of my favorites from your intimate mountainside elopement.

Love + Blessings,


PS- Mad props to my forever wedding date, “The Only Goodin.” Josh, I’m so proud of you. Not just the images you took on this day, but who you are as a husband, a father, and a friend. It’s a joy and honor to be your wife. Thanks for tagging along to “work” with me and letting it double as a date day! Thanks to Grammy + Pops for holding down the fort with the kiddos so we could serve these families together! 💙

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