The Acker Family, Spring Portraits

It’s been a full year since the world shut down. It’s been over six months since Kyle was sick with Covid-19 and was unable to attend the birth of his daughter. Six months has flown by, and felt stagnant at the same time. Our world has flipped from shut down to our “new normal.” Here we are, spring of 2021. Baby Millie is six months old! Her brothers adore her. She’s got daddy wrapped around her finger. She’s her momma’s pink dreams come true.

You might remember seeing the Acker family from the end of last summer, when I photographed Kyle meeting Baby Millie for the first time. It was both an honor and bittersweet to witness and capture such joy after such heartbreak.

Mckenzie, you’re such a good mama and Kyle an amazing dad! I adore seeing you with your kids, and even more seeing you two as husband and wife. The joy that shines off of you and Kyle as you walk through this life with your heads held high is

Love + Blessings,


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