Addie + Brooks’ First Birthday Personality Session

When I posted on social media for a model call for this session, I didn’t expect TWICE the fun!

Anna reached out to me first with twins that would be turning one February 7th, just short of her second wedding anniversary. I sent her my simple vision, and she and her husband Danny (Mount Cheaha elopement, anyone?) did not disappoint when it came to bringing it to life. I really wanted the focus of these images to be the kids popping off the backdrop, which is very different from my normal, outdoor work.

From the coordinating outfits for their photos before cake, to the simple diaper covers and Addie’s floral hair bow, I was swooning. Anna even picked up my favorite tiny cakes from Publix that are the best for smashing.Brother Brooks was not as much of a fan as his sister was, but he still enjoyed a few bites while Addie enjoyed his cake before smashing hers to pieces. The way the cake gave her life brought me so much joy! Keep on going for what you want, sweet girl! Brooks, I hope you grow to love cake more as you grow! 😉

Here are a few of my favorite images from our time together:

Addie + Brooks

Smash Cake

Love + Blessings,


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