Haddon’s Homewood Newborn Lifestyle Session

They didn’t know if he would be a boy or a girl. Zach and Shelby, along with their friends and family, waited patiently and anxiously for several months until Haddon was born to find out! The anticipation rose as they put together the perfect gender neutral nursery of zoo animals and love. Their baby shower came and went, and everyone could barely contain their excitement. And now he’s here!

I had the best time hanging out with Zach, Shelby, big “sister” Ellie, and Haddon at his Homewood newborn lifestyle session last week. These parents are a joy to be around and light up any room no matter the circumstances. Running on little sleep and new parent adrenaline, this day was not any different when it came to them bringing the joy.

Oh the plans He has for you, Haddon! Your mommy, daddy, and so many people have prayed so much for you. We are so excited you’re finally here! Big sister Ellie is especially thrilled. As you grow, be sure to be kind to her and try not to pull her ears too much. Zach + Shelby, words could never come close to adequately describing how much I admire you guys. The way you love and serve everyone around you is inspiring. You put God first and run every decision by him thoroughly before moving forward. You have built and are building such a beautiful life together and it’s amazing to get to be a part of. We love y’all! Here are some of my favorites from Haddon’s newborn lifestyle session.

Love + Blessings,


  1. Layne Lavett says:

    Oh my goodness 💕😍absolutely beautiful !

  2. Shannon says:

    Absolutely Beautiful 💕

  3. Denise Walker says:

    Love🥰, Love❤️, Love 🥰!!! So beautiful…

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