Ezra’s Adoption Day Celebration

The courtroom was overflowing. Friends and family from near and far filled the space until it was standing room only. Ezra’s army. The people who loved Kasi and Bill the most ventured to the Blount County Courthouse on a Wednesday in April. The very people who lifted this couple up in prayer and support through a decade long infertility journey, multiple foster care placements, and Ezra’s NICU stay were there to witness God’s promises unfolding.

WHAT A DAY! You guys know how much I love weddings, and this was like that multiplied time and time over. It could have been the fact that Ezra’s mom is one of my best friends, my favorite people. We’ve walked through all kinds of ups and downs from the time we were twenty year old college roommates at UAB. It could have been that literal biblical truth was unfolding right before my eyes. But the absolute joy we all felt that day was indescribable.

Ezra, you have no idea how LOVED you are! You’ve been prayed and longed for, for OVER a DECADE! God’s timing is always perfect and way better than we could ever prepare for. Welcome OFFICIALLY home! Here are some of my favorites, starting with your reception followed by the courtroom time.

Love + Blessings, LA

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